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Weekly Classes

Online Yoga for Strength

Yoga that not only stretches your body and makes you feel delicious but that also builds strength in your body and mind. We practice fun flows that prepare your body and teach you how to engage different muscles - so that you can challenge yourself to try new poses and feel super capable off that mat in daily life - no matter what it throws at you!

Each month we work towards a final "peak pose" - with a focus on preparatory poses in the weeks leading up to it. It is a fun way to progress your practice and build sustainable strength and flexibility. 

In February we are working towards Side Crow - which means we will look at building strong hip flexors in Boat Pose, strong shoulders in Dolphin and a strong core in Twisted Toe Stand. It promises to be a fun one!

Every Monday 7.30-8.30pm, includes recording of live yoga classes sent to your inbox after each class AND a monthly "bonus" class. £20 per month. Drop me a message here for more info and to book.


Yoga at Rebalance Studio 10.15-11-15am


Once a month Yoga for Climbers at Freeklime, York. 9am on a (usually second) Saturday. 

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