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There is magic in the movement, the meditation, the breath.

There is magic in this moment. 

Laura Ricketts

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Hi, I'm Laura!

Online and In-Person Classes

When you come to my classes you can expect to practice yoga in a fun, relaxed and functional way.

I won’t teach you any party tricks like putting your legs behind your head.

Instead, I will teach you how yoga can help you to move and feel better in your day to day life.

I will encourage you to work hard at times, but I will also give you time to relax and be still. I put a lot of emphasis on the breath, helping you to optimise your breathing throughout.

You are welcome whatever level or experience you have. Drop me a message here and I will try to help you find the right class. 

I am currently taking a break from teaching classes as I am about to give birth to my first child (due April 2022).

However, if you would like to connect, I will try to keep up with a Newsletter which you can sign up for just below. Or simply contact me to say Hello! :-)

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