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Hello! My name is Laura.

Its lovely to see you here. 

I am a 500 hr yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga for over half of my life, since I was a teenager. My practice started very simply, learning a few poses and breathing techniques from a small blue book my Mum had.


I had no idea of the depth or breadth of yoga at that point in my life, but it didn’t matter, those few poses and breaths helped me to release tension in my body and calm my mind.

Yoga can be many things to many people. For some of us it is just about the physical poses, for others the mental awareness and yet others a spiritual stillness.


Over the years, my yoga practice has changed hugely. It is always evolving. For a few years, in my early twenties, I had Chronic Fatigue. I struggled to do anything and slept a lot. My yoga practice became small, gentle. It helped me to keep moving, even if only a little. 

After I recovered my energy, I was haunted by a constant feeling of making up for lost time. I was always busy. I always said Yes. Perhaps I was even a little frantic. It was during this time that I took up outdoor sports; rock climbing, wild swimming, mountain biking. 


Yoga switched from being my only movement, to the only time I ever seemed to stop. It was only in Savasana (the lying down relaxation pose at the end) that I could be still for any length of time at all. 

In my later twenties, I spent a few years travelling around Europe and Asia. I cycled to Turkey and back again, from my hometown of York in the UK. I rock climbed all around the world. I kayaked. I surfed. After travelling to Asia by bus, hitchhiking and train travel, I spent some years working as an outdoor instructor and living in Thailand, China and Hong Kong. I eventually cycled back to the UK from China.


All this time, yoga complimented my life and all the other sports I did. It gave great relief to tired joints and achey muscles. But as I practiced more, particularly in Asia, it started to creep into deeper parts of me too. It was no longer just a physical practice, I began to understand the huge mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits it had. 

I had wanted to train as a Yoga Teacher for some time and finally got the opportunity during the first Covid Lockdown in 2020. I studied online and loved my first 200 hour training so much, I did my 300 hour training straight after. 

My understanding and love of yoga has only increased as I began to teach, and later, when I became a mum to my almost two year old daughter. I am still a very active person; I run, wild swim, cycle, rock climb and hill walk, but as a parent, I am less able than before to simply disappear off for a weekend of outdoor activities. So, the yoga I practice has become much more intentional, building strength and flexibility in a purposeful way, so when I do have time to go and play outside, I can! 


Ultimately I want to share with you, through my words, classes and retreats ways for you to live a life that is deeply connected to yourself, both in body and mind, and to the world we live in. I believe most of us underestimate our own abilities and I want to help change that! I also believe that our own wellbeing is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of the world, and learning to live in harmony with it can only bring more joy, both on a personal and global level. 

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