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Yoga for Climbers

@yogafor.climbers on Instagram, @yogaforclimbers on Youtube

Online Yoga class every Monday 7.30pm and in person at Freeklime York 10am one Saturday every month. 


Having climbed for almost all my adult life, I am passionate about helping you to climb better and stronger with the help of yoga. It is well known that yoga helps the body become more flexible over time, but I have specifically designed my yoga classes for climbers to maximise the benefits for on the wall. We will focus on active flexibility - really engaging our muscles and building strength in stretched positions so that we can actually use that flexibility whilst climbing.  

If you come to my classes on a regular basis I can guarantee you will see an increase in flexibility over time, as well as stronger, more stable shoulders AND an ability to calm your nervous system whenever you need to during a climb. 

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